CLP Research

CLP conducts world-class empirical research on the structures, norms, and dynamics of the global legal profession. To that end, CLP conducts interdisciplinary research centered around the following six pillars of thought:


Exploring how the growth of the corporate legal sector in the world’s most important emerging economies impacts the profession, the state and society.

Careers and Diversity

Looking at how diversity and gender impact professional development and how career trajectories change overtime.

Legal Markets

Examining how changes in regulatory structures, technology, and market forces are disrupting the traditional model of the delivery of professional services.

Legal Practice

Understanding what professionalism means in the 21st century and how new modes of organizational behavior and structure impact law firms, legal departments and the delivery of legal services.

Legal Education

Discovering how best to prepare students for a rapidly changing legal market as well as seasoned legal practitioners for an ever-changing profession.

Access to Justice

Determining how to most effectively deliver legal services to underrepresented populations who have historically been denied access to counsel and professional services.


Questions about CLP research projects can be directed to Bryon Fong.