Announcing the Harvard Association for Law and Business (HALB) Leadership Podcast Featuring David Wilkins

Thursday, February 6, 2020

We’ve heard the murmurs: “the legal profession is at the tipping point of dramatic change.” But are law students sufficiently equipped to succeed and avoid being blindsided in the face of such change? In this podcast, targeted at law and pre-law students, we seek out powerful ideas on how our generation of law students can survive, thrive and grow as leaders in the face of a changing legal profession.

Season One will have 10 episodes, and guests include: Professor David Wilkins, Professor Scott Westfahl, David Lat (Founder, Above The Law), Deborah Farone (Former Chief Marketing Officer, Cravath and Debevoise), Paula Edgar (Former President, Metropolitan Black Bar Association), and Kristi Jobson (Chief Admissions Officer, Harvard Law School).

Episode 1, featuring CLP’s very own David Wilkins, will be launched on Monday, February 10th. Be sure to tune in using Spotify and Apple Podcasts! To listen in browser, use Anchor.