Prof. Laura Empson Shines Light on ‘Insecure Overachievers’ on BBC Radio

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Professor Laura Empson, of London’s Cass Business School and Senior Research Fellow of the Center on the Legal Profession, hears from current and former leaders in elite professional firms and financial institutions who pull back the curtain on a secretive world which tens of thousands of bright, eager graduates apply to join every year in the hope of developing a glittering career. The program highlights the fact that many of the professionals in this world are ‘insecure overachievers’: exceptionally capable and fiercely ambitious, but driven by a profound belief in their own inadequacy. Their ability and relentless drive to excel make them likely to succeed in the competitive environment of elite professional and financial firms, but the work culture is also taking advantage of their vulnerabilities.

You can listen to the full audio here