Spotlight on CLP’s Groundbreaking Innovation Colloquium

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The groundbreaking Operationalizing Innovation colloquium held by the Center on the Legal Profession at Google’s Mountain View campus in June is the featured faculty scholarship story on Harvard Law Today. An outgrowth of the Center’s pioneering research on innovation and disruption in the legal space, the colloquium sought to begin a robust discussion on some key questions facing the profession, such as:

How is “innovation” operationalized within legal organizations? What are law firms and companies looking for regarding professional backgrounds and skill sets for innovation hires? What are the career paths for these individuals within organizations? By what metrics should “quality” in legal services be measured?

In addition to addressing these questions, the colloquium served as a great opportunity to both gather thought leaders in this space and set a schedule all participants could adhere to for taking concrete actions to advance innovation within their organizations. You can read the full story to learn about all the exciting takeaways from this colloquium and you can visit the CLP website if you are interested in the full depth of the Center’s research on Innovation, Disruption, and Quality Metrics.