David Wilkins Quoted in Education World on Dr. Raj Kumar

news October 22, 2021

The Very Extraordinary Dr C Raj Kumar,” Education World Magazine | October 2021

David Wilkins was quoted in the recent cover story in Education World magazine on the founding of Jindal Global Law School and O.P. Jindal Global University by Dr. Raj Kumar, who graduated from Harvard Law School with an LLM. Read the full quote below:

“Dr. Raj Kumar is a force of nature. When Raj, who I had known as a star student in Harvard’s LLM program, came to see me in 2008 to tell me that he had persuaded Naveen Jindal to make an unprecedented endowment to establish a world-class law school in India, I thought it would take him several years of planning and development. Instead, less than a year later on August 7, 2009, I had the honour of speaking at the inaugural Founder’s Day ceremony for the Jindal Global Law School and O.P. Jindal Global University. But this accomplishment pales in comparison to what Raj has done since that day. In a little more than a decade, under Raj’s inspired leadership, JGU has grown into a full-fledged university, rated among the world’s best with world-class faculty and student body befitting its aspiration to become a truly global institution of higher learning. Along the way, Raj also found time to write several important books and to play a leading role in promoting the development of legal education and legal practice in India and around the world as a key collaborator in the Project on Globalisation, Lawyers, and Emerging Economies that I direct. When I had the privilege of addressing Jindal’s graduating students on August 7, 2019 at the tenth anniversary of the university’s founding, I told the assembled students, faculty and administrators that they were a part of one of the most extraordinary success stories in the history of higher education. And given Raj’s visionary leadership, I have no doubt that JGU’s next decade will be even more remarkable,” says Dr David B. Wilkins, Lester Kissel professor of law, and faculty director of the Center on the Legal Profession at Harvard Law School.