Book Talk: Diversity Dividend

Speaker Series
September 21, 2023 12:30pm - 1:30pm ET
Pound Hall, Room 102, HLS Campus

Please join us for a book talk with Dr. Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio, CLP senior research fellow, about her new book: Diversity Dividend: The Transformational Power of Small Changes to Debias Your Company, Attract Diverse Talent, Manage Everyone Better—and Make More Money (MIT Press, 2023). Every leader endeavors to invest in and manage their key asset—talent—to be as high-performing as possible. Like a winning stock, successful diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) actions pay back over time. That dividend is paid both to the company—through not only higher performance but also talent acquisition, training, and other savings—and to society in general. In Diversity Dividend, Cecchi-Dimeglio offers a fresh, detailed look at how to realize gender and racial equity along the company-employee pathway—from attracting and interviewing applicants to onboarding, promoting, and sustaining hires—and how to remove systemic barriers at the organizational level that prevent women and underrepresented groups from advancing.

Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio, PhD, LLM, MSc, JD, is a leading authority on helping senior leaders make more inclusive decisions for themselves and their organizations, having advised some of the largest for-profit and nonprofit companies in the world. An award-winning expert on behavioral and data science, big data and AI, race and gender, and leadership strategy, she holds dual appointments at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Law School, where she serves as faculty chair of the Executive Leadership Research Initiative for Women and Minority Attorneys.