Operationalizing Innovation Colloquium

June 15, 2018
Google - Mountain View, CA

This event brought together innovation leaders from law firms, in-house legal departments, and other legal organizations to explore how their organizations “operationalize” innovation. Over the course of the colloquium, we presented preliminary findings from the Center’s first-of-its-kind survey of innovation leaders, shared information about some interesting “green shoots” currently underway in careers in innovation and quality metrics, and engaged in a series of in-depth design workshops, planned in conjunction with leaders at IDEO, on these topics.

By the end of the colloquium, participants walked away with four main takeaways: (1) learnings about the role of “legal operations heads” and “chief innovation officers” (or their equivalents) and how these roles are developing within law firms and in-house departments; (2) actionable knowledge about two key issues facing legal organizations—career paths in innovation and the construction and implementation of quality metrics; (3)  concrete action items around these topics; and (4) understanding about how the Center might help  as the legal industry grapples with innovation and change over the long term through our research and engagement.