Race, Sustainability, and Social Justice: A Conversation with the Wilkins Brothers

Special Event
October 14, 2020
Special Event

David B. WilkinsLester Kissel Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Center for the Legal Profession, Harvard Law School
Timothy A. WilkinsGlobal Partner for Client Sustainability, Freshfields

Following the tragic deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and the disproportionate impact COVID-19 has had on people of color, companies, law firms and other professional service organizations have moved the fight for racial equality and justice to the core of their sustainability agendas.  Is there reason to be hopeful that these latest initiatives will bring about greater racial equality and opportunity?

The Wilkins Brothers engaged in a frank discussion on the progress that needs to be made, the challenges that lie ahead and the role of the legal profession in enabling lasting change. Their conversation included examples of companies that are throwing out old playbooks on diversity and offering new models that seek to transfer equity, leadership and power to communities of color.

In this Webinar, they analyzed the data around recent corporate announcements and other recent developments to discuss:

·       Which sectors are leading the charge?

·       How is the law supporting these changes and where does it fall short?

·       What internal frameworks, policies and compliance mechanisms are companies and law firms utilizing to achieve internal change?

·       What is the role of the lawyer in marshalling support and navigating risk on these initiatives?

·       What are companies and law firms doing to reduce racial inequality within their spheres of influence (operations, supply-chains, customers and communities)?

·       Which financial tools have been used to make smarter investments in minority-owned businesses and communities of color?

·       How are companies and law firms betting on education and the next generation of leaders of color?