Snapshots from Reimagining the Role of Business in the Public Square

Insight March 22, 2023

In September 2022, the Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession, the Harvard Business School Institute for the Study of Business in Global Society, the Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership, and the Harvard Data Science Initiative hosted the conference, Reimagining the Role of Business in the Public Square: Multistakeholder Engagement on ESG Commitments, Metrics, and Accountability. Below, please find snapshots from that day.

You can also watch the full plenary conference videos from our event, Reimagining the Role of Business in the Public Square, held on Thursday, September 15, 2022. You can access all the public portions of the day on the Center on the Legal Profession’s YouTube page. And don’t forget to read The Practice for more on ESG and lawyers.


Lawyering and Democratic Decline: The Promotion of, and Resistance to, Authoritarianism in Brazil, Russia, and the U.S.

March 28, 2024 - March 28, 2024 December 8, 2023 - December 8, 2023 ET