Identifying and Prioritizing Client Opportunities: Implementing A Smart Collaboration Strategy series

report October 2020

In this third and final part of our Implementing A Smart Collaboration Strategy series, we discuss tech-enabled ways to analyze, identify and prioritize collaborative growth opportunities, along with ways to create accountability for execution. Even with the right targets, research shows that many partners lack the skills and confidence to pursue complex client opportunities which require cross-silo collaboration.

Part 3 of the Implementing Smart Collaboration Report Series. This series lays out a research-based, practical approach for law firms to turn their collaboration strategy into a living, breathing part of daily life.  Given most firms’ culture of high autonomy and decentralization, leaders need to drive it both from the top-down and bottom-up.  Implementing Smart Collaboration requires a clear-eyed view of the current state of collaboration, and then targeted approaches to strategy implementation.

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