What does it mean to be a corporate citizen?

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Harvard Magazine
news September 20, 2022
News Mentions

Harvard Magazine covered the recent conference, “Reimagining the Role of Business in the Public Square,” in an article titled, “What does it mean to be a corporate citizen?”

The growing threat of climate change is perhaps the biggest and best-known driver of the rise in ESG investing, but the movement encompasses a vast range of real-world concerns, including LGBTQ and women’s rights, workplace diversity, racial injustice, pollution, and environmental injustice. “It was a discussion that was going on before the pandemic,” Wilkins said, “but it has been turbocharged by the events of the last two and a half years, including the pandemic but also, of course, the protests over the murder of George Floyd, economic inequality, workforce equity, public health, and all the issues that are so much on the table today.”

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