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The cover of the May/June 2023 issue of the Practice magazine from the HLS Center on the Legal Profession on "Leading Strategy" shows a hand reaching down to move a chess piece and one chess piece fallen on its side.

Leading Strategy

The Practice May/June 2023
How do law firms think about strategy? Using quantitative and qualitative data, this issue explores the growing world of formalized strategy thinking to understand movement across the industry.
A brain made of circuit boards on the cover of The Practice for March April 2023 on Generative AI in the Legal Profession

Generative AI in the Legal Profession

The Practice March/April 2023
When Open AI released ChatGPT in late 2022, it galvanized the collective imagination—and collective anxiety. Even lawyers wondered how such new AI technologies would change their profession.

ESG and Lawyers

The Practice January/February 2023
Why is ESG falling on the desks of lawyers? In this issue, we explore sustainability at law firms, present data on ESG and in-house departments, and shine a light on critical topics in the space.

Lawyers During Conflict

The Practice July/August 2022
How do lawyers navigate countries during or recovering from conflict and authoritarianism, which often face profound rule-of-law challenges.

Global Disability Cause Lawyering

The Practice May/June 2022
What are the tools and methods disability cause lawyers bring to achieve their strategic aims? How do these tools and methods work in different jurisdictions?

Judicial Decision Making

The Practice March/April 2022
Studying judges and judicial decision making reveals surprising facets about the profession.

Election Lawyers

The Practice January/February 2022
What do election lawyers do? And why is it a burgeoning field across the U.S.?

Legal Informatics

The Practice November/December 2021
Questions of legal innovation form a critical part of a larger story and emerging field: legal informatics. How can an understanding of and training in legal informatics transform the field?

Crisis Lawyering

The Practice September/October 2021
Does traditional legal education and training in law school and through common career paths prepare lawyers well for the rigors of lawyering in crisis situations?
Cover for The Practice: Money and Meaning, shows three stacks of coins with a plant growing out of each stack.

Money and Meaning

The Practice July/August 2021
What factors do lawyers take into account when exploring their employment options? In this issue, we dive into how partners and associates weigh money and meaning at various points in their careers.
Cover for The Practice: Integration in Legal Services, shows paperclips coming tied together and collapsing into a pile.

Integration in Legal Services

The Practice May/June 2021
A vertical view of legal work would recognize legal expertise and experience as central to all legal service, but adopting this view will require innovative processes and technology.
Cover of The Practice: Law Firm Responses to the Big Four shows an overhead shot of a chess board with only a white pawn moved.

Law Firm Responses to the Big Four

The Practice March/April 2021
While the Big Four (or Big Five) have been threatening entry into the legal market since the late ’90s, they have been quietly adding capability. How are major global law firms responding?
The Practice: Perspectives on Legal Services Regulation shows an optometry machine that allows eye doctors to figure out what a person's prescription is.

Perspectives on Legal Regulation

The Practice January/February 2021
Legal regulation is a state-by-state issue. What rules and insurance requirements constrain innovation? How are different bar associations experimenting and opening up access to justice?

Cover for The Practice on Portraiture in the Legal Profession shows a camera studio with lights and a backdrop and an empty chair for a person to sit.

Portraiture in the Legal Profession

The Practice November/December 2020
What draws people to the law? Drawing on Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot's ethnographic method of portraiture, this issue examines race, legacy, and professional identity in the legal profession.
The Practice for Sep/Oct 2020 on "The Year So Far" has the image of a spikey red covid ball on it.

The Year So Far

The Practice September/October 2020
Between the spread of COVID-19 and renewed calls for racial justice, whatever trends and expectations held true at the end of 2019 have inevitably been upended in one way or another.

Remote Courts

The Practice July/August 2020
What happened to courts when the COVID-19 pandemic stormed the world? In this issue, we explore the changed world of justice systems, zeroing in on how technology has changed the legal profession.
Cover for the Practice magazine May/June 2020 about Lawyers on the Board from the Center on the Legal Profession shows a view of looking down a long board table with empty chairs.

Lawyers on the Board

The Practice May/June 2020
Evidence suggests that an increasing number of banks and financial institutions now include lawyer-directors on their boards. Why? And what avenues did such lawyers take into the boardroom?

Approaching Lawyer Well-Being

The Practice March/April 2020
Mental health in the legal profession has long been a problem—and yet ignored. Systemic change is necessary.
Cover of The Practice for Jan/Feb 2020 on Clinical Legal Education shows a stethoscope resting on a book.

Clinical Legal Education

The Practice January/February 2020
Clinics have exploded over the past decade, with law schools recognizing the need for experiential education. But what do clinics give students? And faculty?

The Practice for Nov/Dec 2019 on Smarter Relationships in Legal Services shows a puzzle piece being removed to reveal a yellow background.

Smarter Relationships in Legal Services

The Practice November/December 2019
In the flow of Smarter Law, the progressive lawyer drives better personal performance as an individual and by doing so improves the performance of their legal department or law firm; consequently, tho
The Practice on Sept/Oct 2023 on Litigation Finance, with an image of a stock broker's computer screen with number and stocks ticking by.

Litigation Finance

The Practice September/October 2019
Litigation finance is transforming civil litigation at the case level as well as, incrementally, at the level of the civil justice system as a whole. It is beginning to transform the legal industry.
The Practice on Alternative legal service providers shows a Colorful wood tangram puzzle in square shape on white background

Alternative Legal Service Providers

The Practice July/August 2019
As more and more alternative legal service providers emerge, we examine the state of the market. How are traditional firms reacting? What are clients demanding?
The cover of The Practice for May/June 2019 on in-house ethics shows a series of metal balls balancing on platforms, illustrating the delicate balance of ethical choices.

In-House Ethics

The Practice May/June 2019
The in-house lawyer occupies a complicated role—one that demands a fine ethical sensibility, between influence and compromise, professionalism and misconduct.
The Mar/April 2019 issue of The Practice on The Evolution of Law Libraries shows a computer with racks of books in it.

The Evolution of Law Libraries

The Practice March/April 2019
Law libraries are essential arenas for innovation and research in the legal profession. The Harvard Library Innovation Lab, in particular, is pushing the boundaries of what a library can do.
The Practice on Adaptive Innovation for Jan/Feb 2019 with a picture of a chameleon changing color.

Adaptive Innovation

The Practice January/February 2019
This issue is dedicated to exploring some of the underlying concepts pertaining to innovation generally, and innovation in the legal professional specifically.

2018 Issues Added Soon

The Practice January/December 2018
2018 issues include: Asian Americans in the Law, The Brazilian Legal Profession, Emerging Models of Legal Professionals, Finding the Lawyer Identity, Character and Fitness, The Indian Legal Profession
The Practice cover for Asian Americans in the Law for Nov/Dec 2018 shows fingerprints in different colors scattered across the page.

Asian Americans in the Law

The Practice November/December 2018
The participation of Asian Americans in the legal profession has reached levels unthinkable just 30 years ago. In this issue, we consider the progress that has been made and where we still have to go.
The Practice from Sept/Oct 2018 on The Brazilian Legal Profession shows a picture of Brazil from space.

The Brazilian Legal Profession

The Practice September/October 2018
In the 1990s, major transformations shifted Brazil's political economy, leading to new laws governing corporate activity, and creating demand for new kinds of legal services.

2017 Issues Added Soon

The Practice January/December 2017
2017 issues include: Executive Education for Lawyers, The Access to Justice Lab, Where Are Black Lawyers Today?, Why Law Firms Collapse, Diversity Nudges.
The Practice for May/June 2017 on Strategy in the Law from the Center on the Legal Profession, shows a black pawn shattering a white chess piece on a chessboard.

Strategy in the Law

The Practice May/June 2017
After several years of weak demand following the Great Recession, it’s a good time for a fresh look at the strategic options available to big law.

2016 Issues Added Soon

The Practice January/December 2016
2016 issues include: Marketing and Business Development in Law, The Chinese Legal Profession, Compliance, The Global General Counsel, Professional Identity, Reemergence of the Big Four in Law.

2015 Issues Added Soon

The Practice January/December 2015
2015 issues include: Lawyers in Politics, Teamwork and Collaboration, Legal Education for the Future, Women as Lawyers and Leaders, Professionalism in the 21st Century, Disruptive Innovation.

2014 Issues Added Soon

The Practice January/December 2014
2014 issues include: The Global Age of More for Less.