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Lawyers During Conflict

The Practice July/August 2022
How do lawyers navigate countries during or recovering from conflict and authoritarianism, which often face profound rule-of-law challenges.

Global Disability Cause Lawyering

The Practice May/June 2022
What are the tools and methods disability cause lawyers bring to achieve their strategic aims? How do these tools and methods work in different jurisdictions?

Judicial Decision Making

The Practice March/April 2022
Studying judges and judicial decision making reveals surprising facets about the profession.

Election Lawyers

The Practice January/February 2022
What do election lawyers do? And why is it a burgeoning field across the U.S.?

2021 Issues Added Soon

The Practice January/December 2021
Issues from 2021 include: Legal Informatics, Crisis Lawyering, Money and Meaning, Integration in Legal Services, Law Firm Responses to the Big Four, and Perspectives on Legal Services Regulation.

2020 Issues Added Soon

The Practice November/December 2020
Issues from 2021 include: Portraiture in the Legal Profession, The Year So Far, Remote Courts, Lawyers on the Board, Approaching Lawyer Well-Being, Clinical Legal Education.

2019 Issues Added Soon

The Practice January/December 2019
2019 issues include: Smarter Relationships in Legal Services, Litigation Finance, "Alternative" Legal Service Providers, In-House Ethics, The Evolution of Law Libraries, Adaptive Innovation.

2018 Issues Added Soon

The Practice January/December 2018
2018 issues include: Asian Americans in the Law, The Brazilian Legal Profession, Emerging Models of Legal Professionals, Finding the Lawyer Identity, Character and Fitness, The Indian Legal Profession

2017 Issues Added Soon

The Practice January/December 2017
2017 issues include: Executive Education for Lawyers, The Access to Justice Lab, Where Are Black Lawyers Today?, Strategy in the Law, Why Law Firms Collapse, Diversity Nudges.

2016 Issues Added Soon

The Practice January/December 2016
2016 issues include: Marketing and Business Development The Chinese Legal Profession, Compliance, The Global General Counsel, Professional Identity, Reemergence of the Big Four in Law.

2015 Issues Added Soon

The Practice January/December 2015
2015 issues include: Lawyers in Politics, Teamwork and Collaboration, Legal Education for the Future, Women as Lawyers and Leaders, Professionalism in the 21st Century, Disruptive Innovation.

2014 Issues Added Soon

The Practice January/December 2014
2014 issues include: The Global Age of More for Less.